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Several methods to identify the quality of acrylic cream bottle materials

?A good piece of acrylic material determines a high-quality acrylic product, which is obviously, if you choose a poor quality acrylic material said that the processed acrylic products will be deformed, yellow and black or processed acrylic products many inferior. These problems are directly related to the choice of acrylic materials. Introduce a few kinds of method that judge quality stand or fall of bottle of cream of yakeli to everybody here, in order to distinguish for everybody in the future.

Acrylic cream bottle

The first kind of observation method: this is a method to judge according to the acrylic itself material characteristics, we can look at the acrylic board when the choose and buy whether there is a slightly serious fading or gloss is not high, if the existence of this acrylic quality is not good. In addition to this kind of observation method can also see the acrylic specification and the actual situation of the acrylic sheet is consistent, if not consistent can also judge the acrylic material is not normal.

The second kind of combustion method: you can use a very small piece of acrylic for the combustion test, if the acrylic board will soon burn up that the acrylic quality is not good.

Third transmission method: this method is to use the acrylic light transmittance characteristics derived method, can use the light is white light through the acrylic plate, if it is found that color is yellow or blue, explain quality of acrylic, because of the high light transmittance of acrylic and belong to the white light, light penetrates after will not absorb the light color.

The 4th kind of stickup method: this kind of method also calls hot melt method, it is to use good yakeli material and bad yakeli material stickup degree is different and differentiate. For example, after the yakeli material with poor quality melts, can stick together and be separated hard, quality is good yakeli separates easily.

The fifth kind of packing method: the soft glue edge packing of the acrylic material with good quality is very good, the soft glue edge of the acrylic sheet with bad quality looks like the color is very miscellaneous, this kind of industry calls for joint venture sheet. Of course, packed good acrylic sheet in the price is definitely more expensive than acrylic.

We are in the production of acrylic cream bottle, using these identification methods to ensure the quality of our raw materials, but also over the years to summarize the practice of identifying acrylic sheet quality stand or fall of the five methods, but also hope to be able to get peer or expert correction and supplement.
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