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How can cosmetics bottle manufacturers improve the applicability of cream bottles

?Cream bottles are an important category in cosmetic packaging. Almost all cosmetic bottle combinations involve cream bottles.

Glass cream bottle, relatively speaking, in the form of packaging is high-grade, some manufacturers in order to reflect the product's temperament, will consider the use of glass cream bottle. But the glass cream bottle is not convenient to carry, and the glass cream bottle is very difficult to extrude in the process of using, which is very bad in terms of user experience.

The plastic cream bottle is between the above two forms of packaging, the cost is lower than the glass bottle, in addition, the plastic cream bottle with the cover is more convenient, which to a certain extent to solve the problem of cream extrusion.

Cosmetics container cream bottle is an important category in cosmetics packaging. All kinds of isolation creams, sunscreens and other cosmetics are required to use this kind of packaging. The use of cream also has distinction each, so whether should the different that has distinction according to the use of cosmetics cream bottle try to be targeted to use convenience to improve.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of cream bottles on the market: glass cream bottle and plastic cream hose. The appearance of glass cream bottle is high-grade and exquisite, and the hose of plastic cream bottle is light and easy to use. There are only two USES for creams and cosmetics, indoor and outdoor. Indoor refers to the use of cosmetics at home, beauty salon and other places, outdoor is outdoor travel and work. Obviously, glass cream bottles will be more suitable for indoor use, while plastic cream bottle hoses will be more suitable for outdoor use because they are lighter and more portable.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to skin care and beauty. The market for high-end cosmetics is booming. In the cosmetics bottle packaging, also increasingly high-grade. Cosmetics packaging bottle manufacturers cream bottle packaging more and more began to use acrylic, glass and other materials. These packages play a great role in improving the appearance and brand image of cosmetics. This kind of cream bottle is usually in the form of a wide mouth to facilitate the removal of the preparation. This also makes it easy for bacteria to get in, so many bottles use cap spacers. However, if the hose can be easy to extrude the characteristics of the cream bottle transplanted to the cream bottle of these materials, it will make the product packaging more perfect.
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