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Cosmetics bottle packing is closely related to the trend of domestic cosmetics

?In the past two or three decades, domestic cosmetics brands have been marginalized by international famous brands, and now they are rising again. They gradually form an equal position with foreign brands in the middle and low-end market. We have witnessed the struggle history of national cosmetics bottle enterprises. Now, for domestic cosmetics enterprises are facing a new bottleneck and breakthrough period. At this time, we believe that not only the cosmetics themselves, but also the cosmetics bottle packaging needs to have a new more reasonable adjustment.

Cosmetics bottle packaging should start from two aspects. On the one hand, the domestic cosmetics bottle package is installed in the domestic market should try to highlight the national elements and outstanding product main elements, with the international well-known cosmetics brand cosmetics bottle packaging form differentiation in appearance, at the same time the acrylic bottles with cosmetics bottles of the feelings of the gap with the consumer, increase the favour of strong product in the consumers' mind, provide dynamic support for cosmetics sales. On the other hand, in order to gain more development space, domestic cosmetics must take the road of internationalization. In the international market, the packaging of cosmetics bottles should be closer to the packaging of cosmetics bottles of international famous brands, so as to draw closer to the consumption psychology of cosmetics bottle packaging used by consumers in these regions. There is another aspect, of course, domestic cosmetics are certainly not satisfied with the low-end market, cosmetics bottle packaging in the high-end market to help domestic cosmetics is also worth studying direction.
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