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What are the characteristics of acrylic cream bottle

?At present, as far as cosmetic industry is concerned, the development momentum is very rapid. There are many kinds of cosmetics, such as lotion, essence, cream and so on. Due to the different products, the packaging bottles are also very different. However, as far as acrylic cream bottles are concerned, the common ones are guangkou cream bottles. The guangkou cream bottles of Shangyu Hengtong plastic continue the unique advantages of guangkou bottles: they can make full use of the products without causing waste.

No matter what type of cream bottle we use, the wide mouth bottle is a better choice in terms of the utilization of the old products. Vacuum extrusion, pump extrusion or hose, when cosmetics are about to be used up, its use process becomes a little difficult, and there will be a part of waste for the inner wall of the packaging, and there is no need to worry about the wide mouth cream bottle because of its unique bottle mouth design, which ensures that our fingers can touch any corner of the cream bottle, and for the makeup adhered to the inner wall Products can also be easily taken out and used.

Cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer

Cosmetics cream bottle is a more important category in cosmetics packaging, all kinds of isolation cream, sunscreen and other cosmetics, are needed to use this kind of packaging. The use of cream is also different, so for cosmetics cream bottle should be different according to the use of different targeted convenience to improve it.

At present, acrylic cream bottles on the market are mainly glass cream bottles and plastic cream hose. The appearance of the glass cream bottle is high-grade and exquisite, while the plastic cream bottle hose is light and easy to use. For people to use cream cosmetics are actually two major uses, indoor and outdoor,. Indoor refers to the use of cosmetics at home, beauty salon and other places, while outdoor travel and work are outdoor. Obviously, the glass cream bottle will be more suitable for indoor use, while the plastic cream bottle hose will be more suitable for outdoor use because it is light and portable.

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